Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My New House!

Hai..., hai..., hai everybody!

For all of you who already visited this blog and have found out it's emptyness, could be wandering, why I left this blog empty? It's such a waste attitude! I'm so sorry! T_T

Well, actually I didn't pretend to make this blog empty, but everything just happen by accident! Suddenly in the middle of learning how to blog, I've found a new toy which is more interesting than this one! Like a match, I felt I found the right 'match' for me between so many men had been offered to me.

So, for you who are by chance passing by this site, please feel free to visit my lovely "mate," a place where I belong to, expressing my thoughts, daily ramblings, sensational adventures in some countries I've been visited, in here:

I'm waiting your comment in there too, ciao!!!

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