Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just a quick info: I'm in DC

Washington DC, my lunch time, 01:20 PM

Hallo all :-)

Alhamdulillah, yesterday I finally landed and arrived in DC. Yay, I've been to America!!! I still couldn't believe it!

My plane landed exactly at 7.20 PM. But sorry, for now I cannot tell you a long story, since I just got a little time to come to this computer center before my lunch time.

My big problem now is I haven't been able to charge my laptop batteries. The plug in here is so different to UK! They both have three holes, but in here the size of every single hole is different to each other. Not like in UK, which is the same!

Huhuhuhuhu, this afternoon I try to figure out my problem. Maybe I gotta go to city center, because the Catholic University where I am staying now is slightly outside the city center! Hoi Indonesian American, do you have any idea where I should buy the connector then??? Thanks a lot for any help :-)

By the way, US in fact is much much hotter compares to UK, huhuhu, I'm melting just like ice cream!

Another thing, in here most of buildings are new, too cubicle and minimalist, but in UK, most of buildings are so old and beautiful of course *please, no offense* :-D

Ok pals, I've gotta go now, my tummy is singing a hungry song now!


Horeeeeeeee, finally I've got the correct adaptor for my laptop! I just went to Metro Center, visited downtown and found a Radio Shake shop and then bought the adaptor there! Pyuh, I'll write a longer story for you all later!

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