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Asking Some Questions for World Bank!

Posting on June 22nd 2006.

Amazing!!! At a glance, the whole on going institute process is fascinating me!!!

These days the institute has a really really tight schedule, the abundant of tasks and other 'crazy' things for me! Even, I still did not get any chance yet to launder my dirty clothes because they make us busy for the whole day and only escaped for a while when I go for my breakfast, lunch, coffe break dan dinner and of course for the pray! Oh thanks God! They provide a neat and comfortable praying room for Moslem fellows! I appreciate it alot!

So, actually I am soooo tired now! That's why I am still not having time to write my daily training journal! Anyway, it does not matter at all if compares it to my excitement throughout this forum!

There are so many ideas thrown by 159 IFP fellows from twenty two countries that interested in one of the thematic issue topics: Education, Environment, Gender, Governance, Health and Poverty and Human Rights and Development. From a month ago, I already decided putting my self into Education and Arts group, since I wanna refresh my understanding on that topic.

For me, I have learned alot from this institute! The forum is facilitating me with the international learning and community building among fellows in a way that strengthen the capacity and sustainability of a global network of IFP fellows and alumni! I hope it will work in the future!

Besides, I have gained so many insights from the inspiring, wonderful and powerful speech from Yasinne Fall, who is a Senegalese feminists, economist, researcher and advocate for economic and social justice and now working for UNIFEM Senior Economic Advisor. Her speech and the way she was talking about the penetration of the International aid which made the third countries became dependent to their loans is really really breathtaking! She is a really brave and strong leader!!!

Another important one, I will hopely get alot of knowledge of international organizations such as World Bank, USaid, Education Development Center, Academy for Educational Development, the Kennedy Center etc. in term of their policy, advocacy, professional, etc.). Then use this knowledge wisely for Indonesian development in the near future!!!

Tomorrow, 07.30 AM my thematic group is going to visit Save the Children and the World Bank to discuss about Global Policy Issues and Advocacy.

Beside some of my concerns and awarenesses of the impact of the World Bank penetration in the third country (including Indonesia), I also actually would like to raise your question for them as well, since this is a great chance for me to delivering our voice to the representative of the World Bank! So tomorrow I won't gonna ask a silly or unappropriate question, since I haven't really understand what issues are beyond the World Bank engagement, especially in our country!

Could you give me some comments or questions for the World Bank here, please?!!! :-D

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