Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm getting close to my another dream!

As you read in my blog's description, I'm a big dreamer. For me, life will be so bored when I didn't fill it with a bunch of dreams!

But, dream just will be only a dream if you didn't do something for your dream! You'll just keep yourself daydreaming! So, here I'm, trying to live up my dreams!

One of my big dream is, I'd like to be a writer. Not only in cyberworld, but also in paper book. Since in Indonesia internet is still an expensive media for most of people, especially for who are living outside Java island. Thus..., I'm dreaming to become a book writer! Especially Chicken soup for the soul's kinda book!

For the first time, I need to practice my writing skill. I need to learn how to express my idea fluently and how to touch other people's heart through my writing. I thought, I'm quite successful in doing that in my another blog in here.

So, few months ago, I tried to send some of my writing to one of the famous writer in Jakarta and he likes my writing style. Yippee!

Here I'm now, waiting for our book about cyberworld to be published in October, this year. We've already got the publisher who is willingly want to publish it. This book is written by 9 people and one of them is me, yay!!! I couldn't wait any longer, so curious to know my book's cover!

Wish me luck for my very first book!

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