Friday, June 01, 2007

Shocking email, it's ruined my backpacking plan!

(My travelogue on 3 August 2005)

Just a day before I began my Europe backpacking, I was shock and stressful because I'd got an email from Interrail Company that I didn't intend to read since I was so busy preparing everything for my very first backpacking:
Dear Ms. Fatimah,
Please can you contact the Ticketing Dept on 08708 302001 as a matter of urgency regarding your Interail order.
We have tried to call you on your contact number several times today but we have been unable to talk to you or to leave a message. We look forward in hearing from you.

Paula Tanser
Operations Desk
Ticketing Department

Rail Europe Limited.

As they asked me to contact them, I then called and asked them, what was going on earth???

They said my interrail ticket cannot be used in Europe's land since they put the incorrect age of mine. They just realized and checked it a day before I use it. Oh damn it!!!

Of course I was sooo angry to them. How come this had happened??? And now I've gotta go! TODAY! Since I already planned everything ahead and couldn't be cancelled! My booked flights, hostels and etc. that have arranged by me!

They said, there is no other way except I should send back my interrail pass to them and they'll correct it for me!

With my high tempered, I told them to give me the quickest way to fix this problem and of course I totally refused their idea to send back the ticket!!!

After a moment and so many people mumbling around the lady, the lady on the phone said I could buy the new interrail pass today in Sta travel and then I should ask my friend to send the older ticket to them while I begin my traveling. They promise to refund my money!

Oh My God...
I'm speechless...
My plane will leave this city this lunch time and I didn't have plenty of time to think nor refuse their idea.
I have no choice, then I just agreed to do so!

Fortunately, my friend was willing to help me to do what I supposed to do, following all of their instruction. Meanwhile I went to the neareast STA travel and bought the newe Interrail pass, just half an hour before my flight take off!

Oh God! What a day I had!
This was a really really 'good' first impression on Intterail Pass. I don't think I'll gonna use it again!

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