Saturday, June 02, 2007

UK's Life [part One]: One of His Miracle for Me!

Why I Come to UK, this country is so expensive, isn't it?

I just want to let you all know that I come to UK not on my own money. I come to UK because I got a scholarship from Ford Foundation, under the program so called: IFP (International Fellowship Program).

Getting a scholarship for me is such kind of a big gift from God that I've ever had. in my life It is a really great opportunity, concerning that I will never be here if I didn't get it. It is only because that I will never be here if I use my own money. Do you want to know the reason?

The reason is that I only the daughter of a laborman that earn not 'too' much money for a month salary. The money is only enough for earning our daily needs, but not for continuing my study. But luckily, I still can finish my BA degree in Islamic Law in Islamic University of Jogjakarta, Indonesia. While I was studying there, I also should work very hard for paying my living allowance.

After finishing my BA, I asked one of my previous lecturer, Mr. Idris, about studying abroad because he had finished his Doctor degre in Canada , He told me that he could go to Canada because he got scholarship from Mc Gill University. Hearing this, a new hope comes to my mind that I can continue my study to a higher level, getting an MA.

Having a great interest in it, I try to look for information about any kind of scholarship through internet. At the very first, I wasn't really sure, what kind of information I look for? Step by step, from time to time, I finally getting know the Beasiswa Milist. It is a miling list I had found by accident via google after I wrote Beasiswa. Beasiswa means scholarship.

After a while, I got the information from Beasiswa milist, that there was a small NGO from Canada was needing a volunteer to be exchange with some volunteer from Canada to learn about Canadian culture if you chosen by them.

For the first time, I was not sure to apply for this 'chance' because I am not clever enough to pass the test that may be conducted as a fulfilment. But my lecturers, and my friends support me a lot and they said that I would pass it because I already got the knowledge and why I should be afraid of trying to do a good thing. Realising that, I stand on myself confidence, and start to do it.

I had been interviewed by some canadian people. And you know, what it was the really first time for me to be interviewed in English. You can imagine what happen with me. I was trumbling during the time, but luckly I still could control myself for not becoming a 'stupid idiot student' in front of the interviewer.

Sorry friends, I have something to do right now. Tomorrow I will continue this 'miracle' story. Okey?!!

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