Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Newbie: My Template Has Gone!

Whuaaaaaaaaaah! I was so stressful last midnight. I've been tinkering my blogspot for two days and last night I've found out my new template has gone!

OMG! I almost cry, since I've been working on this from really beginning and spent a lot of time to do this and that! even though I didn't make a totally new template by myself and I just copy paste-ed every single html from other expert, but I did google for so long hours. I also read and tried put things here and there, especially on Google adsense and the stuff!

Suddenly I felt irritated to myself because I already too much spending my time on this and at the end, it just gone! This happen might be just because I wasn't really care enough to the template and html I already made and inserted to my blog by copying them to my notepad and save it! A big mistake!!!

So, this morning I woke up with the mix feeling on myself. I wasn't really happy. Besides, I also feel stress with my another task as I haven't finished working on that! That's why I try to cheer and fresh up myself by doing something new and different. But now, my disappeared template also ruin my day.

But then, I remembered I have a friend who is really expert on this matter. Then I contact him and ask him some question. Apparently he is now not really pay attention to blogspot and already move to wordpress. He just tried to comfort me by asking me to open my template page and recheck again.

So, last two hours I was working on my template and... I've found what was the problem! I think I haven't moved to the new customize blogspot (working with google)! That's probably my problem. It seems that I was working on two templates, one is the old one and the other is the new on! I guess!

I wasn't pretty sure with my conclusion, but I just gave it a try and went to my template and clicked "CHOOSE NEW TEMPLATE" and continued with clicking the new template as I did before! With my clueless mind I saved it! After that, there's a question popped up in front of me: do you want to go to your new template or you would see your old template?

Heh? For a moment I felt like I had no idea what to do next, but then I realize, I could make my new template comeback to me...!

AND................., tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My 'old' new template is baaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkk!
Wow, I'm so relieved and satisfied now!

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