Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another challange!

Yesterday I've got a personal message in my another blog. From a writer again!!! It's really really surprising me!

She is a really famous and kind hearted writer from Jakarta. I adore her from I was teenager! She has been writing for more than 20 years! She already published more than 30 books and hundreds short story, most of them are best seller!

Oh my God. I cannot believe this. My favorite writer email-ed me!

In her email, she said she wanna offer me a project. She already browsed my blogs in here and she thought my writing style will fit in her project.

So, we talked through and I said YES to the project that offered to me! We will begin this book's project at the end of this month, since I'm still having some responsibility to be done.

Yihaaa! Another challange!

Oh, I feel as I cannot breath, I'm so excited! Thanks God...!


Alex Ramses said...

Wah selamat deh,,, ceritain dong,, siapa itu penulis,, "Her" pula? udah 20 taun menulis,, hmm siapa ya,,

Lintasberita said...

Artikel-artikel di blog ini bagus-bagus. Coba lebih dipopulerkan lagi di Lintasberita.com akan lebih berguna buat pembaca di seluruh tanah air. Dan kami juga telah memiliki plugin untuk Blogspot dengan installasi mudah. Salam!